RESERVATION PHENOMENA is an organization dedicated to research of myths, monsters, legends, and the paranormal on Indian Reservations throughout the United States and Canada.

Examples of phenomena research include Stick Indians, or Bigfoot, Little People, Reservation hauntings, and much more.  Take note that although we use the term “monsters” as a subject of Reservation Phenomena, most of the subjects we talk about from the reservation perspective may be from the standpoint of an “Indian Legend,” which is to be respected, instead of a portrayal as a harmful being.

Although we research various phenomena, our main research focus is on what many people know as Sasquatch.  Every tribe has a name for Bigfoot or Sasquatch, but we may use these terms for consistency and communications purposes.  We have the Bigfoot page dedicated to the Bigfoot phenomenon.  Some of our team are also members of the Bigfootology organization, which is an international organization of scientists and specialists whose mission is to promote a multidisciplinary global effort which requires the talents and intellect of many in order to analyze evidence and data to establish the Bigfoot as a species.

Most of the content and subject matter of our research may be held in confidentiality to protect tribes, people, locations, and the information in order to promote trust so people who want to share, won’t be ridiculed because of this sensitive subject matter.  Also to protect the locations and beings from being abused by people who may not respect these locations or beings.

The purpose of this web site is to communicate stories, legends, video, etc. information that has been cleared for us to do so.  We will also post videos of our own investigations.